Slot Canyon

By: Fragile Prints

Jul 18 2011

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Category: USA, Utah


Focal Length:6.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD790 IS

Slot canyon at Buckskin gulch near Utah- Arizona border, USA.


Slot canyons have a magical quality attached to it giving a feeling of existing in a totally different planet.


135 comments on “Slot Canyon”

  1. Whenever I see a photo of this place it makes me want to go… love it!

  2. From the homepage, the thumbnail looked as though the rocks themselves were holding hands! ❀ Nice photo!

  3. That’s a stunning photograph. I love the colours that nature gives us.

  4. All of your photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  5. That is… Wow. Fantastic picture, and yes, it does look like another planet (I’m thinking Star Wars!)…

  6. So surreal (it almost looks dream-like) yet pristine. I can imagine this is a place where you connect with your soul…

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Beautiful photo! We hiked this canyon a couple of years ago while there to visit The Wave – incredibly beautiful place. Hope to get back there soon.

  8. I would like to put going here on my travel plans for the future? Looks very interesting and Im sure could tell a story or two. Kind regards from

  9. Stunning photograph!!And I like the page concept.

  10. Beautiful. It looks both alien and like an abstract sculpture.

  11. Very impressive picture! I now want to go! πŸ™‚

  12. Is it a real place?
    SO beautiful.. omg… amazing pic
    wana go there one day

  13. amazing shot! Great tones.

  14. I’ve been through the Buckskin 13 times. Each time is unique and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your photo.

  15. Lovely bit of cross-bedding you’ve got going on there πŸ˜‰ Nice capture. I like it for both the photography and geology!

  16. I love the simplicity. This picture is really striking.

  17. That’s a pretty amazing place. The natural world is always more beautiful than anything we create.

  18. Muito linda esta fotografia. ParabΓ©ns.

  19. Amazing photograph! It must be even more amazing to actually be standing there!!

  20. AMAZING PIC. I want to go there now. Congrats on being FP!

  21. That is truly magnificent. Wow. Congrats on FP.

  22. Is it real?? Gorgeous Shot!!

  23. Oooooo niceeee… Feels claustrophobic though πŸ™‚

  24. Been there, as well. Nice photo. The Wave is also a must at Grand Staircase Escalante. If you haven’t read Edward Abbey’s “Desert Solitaire,” it’s a great book. It always takes me back to my time spent in Utah’s canyonlands.

  25. This looks so cool! Would be amazing to do a shoot there.

  26. Awesome and spiritual! You may want to consider submitting your photos to “istockphotos.” Thank you for sharing!

  27. Your image makes me want to reach out and touch it, lovely.

  28. Awesome shot! Love the light, depth and colors very much πŸ™‚

  29. FABULOUS pic. I’ve always wanted to go to a place with Gulch in the name! It looks like a movie set doesn’t it? I guess it goes to show how good the movie sets have been!

  30. I hiked Buckskin Gulch a few years ago. It was awesome. One of the best non-Grand Canyon hikes I have ever made.

  31. This is amazing. Your a great photography.

  32. […] Vaya foto! Slot canyon at Buckskin gulch near Utah- Arizona border, USA.   Slot canyons have a magical quality attached to it giving a feeling of existing in a totally different planet. … Read More […]

  33. Brilliant shot, such an interesting perspective.


  34. Nice.

  35. beautiful! i would love to see a place like this…as long as it didn’t result in a scenario like 172 Hours. Bad news.

  36. Beautiful! I will be going to Antelope Canyon in August to shoot photos. Any tips?

  37. This is an amazing shot! The best ones always make you want to be there where it’s taken and i definitely want to visit here now πŸ˜€

  38. Must have been awesome to walk through the tunnel-like trails of the canyon. The rock walls I would imagine are probably imposing while hiking through. However, so reassuring through the vicarious lens of a camera a la this photograph. Stunning.

  39. Good country. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  40. what a lovely pic! this reminds me a film titled “127 Hours”. they took scene at location like this canyon..

  41. magic feelings

  42. That is an awesome picture! Gotta love the west coast national parks.

  43. Incredible picture capturing the direction of the grain (is that the right term?) of the rocks!

  44. Beautiful. Also, congrats on being freshly pressed!

  45. wow!!! πŸ˜€ simply amazing! great shot!:D

  46. Amazing…I would love to go!

  47. This is my home…I live not so far away…in Utah we have the most beautiful Slot Canyons and Red Rock Canyons not to forget our skiing in our lovely mountains. Of course I am partial, but I have traveled around…I end up coming back. It is beautiful and your photos show such majesty.

  48. grrrr…..uuurrggghhhhh….aaaahhhhh….ok…now i feel better, let go back again and take more pics!!

  49. Reminds me of the movie, 127 Hours.

    • Yes it does. Its a really nice movie, the book-even better..! πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by. πŸ˜‰

      • It looks like in every case the book is better. I didn’t even know that 127 Hours was based on a movie, though. I just posted an article about book being movie in my blog, if you could take a time to read, I will be glad. πŸ™‚

      • Will try.! The book is based on a real life incident of the author. Aron Ralston.

  50. The photo is amazing. Thank-you for sharing.

  51. Oh my, this is just stunning! It’s another realm for sure. Amazing photo.

  52. Probably as close as I’ll get to Mars. A wonderful, other-worldly quality that takes me out of this world. Thanks!

  53. Absolutely stunning, and so beautiful.

  54. I like this place..

  55. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you πŸ™‚

  56. wow this is wonderful!! do check out my blog too πŸ˜‰

  57. A beautiful photo… I can understand how this scenery would make you feel like you’re on another planet. Great work!

  58. Beautiful indeed!

  59. What a gorgeous place.

  60. Fabulous photo and congrats on being Freshly Pressed! OK, I know I have a vivid imagination, but I totally see a monkey’s face in that center rock πŸ™‚

  61. Congrats to you for achieving such a profound image. I can imagine how marvelous to be working with that ligh and the colors and textures.

  62. Beautiful photo! Iliked this canyon – incredibly beautiful place. Hope to get back there soon.

  63. On my list to visit…Zion, Arches, Moab, Monument Valley + Slot Canyon. Thank you for the heads up.

  64. Amazing photo.

    Also I have a sudden urge to watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

  65. this image is my desktop walpaper πŸ™‚ thanks for useful information

  66. excellent picture.. amazing..
    great work, really.

  67. […] Slot Canyon (via Fragile Prints) Posted by youngseok ju on July 22, 2011 Slot canyon at Buckskin gulch near Utah- Arizona border, USA.   Slot canyons have a magical quality attached to it giving a feeling of existing in a totally different planet. … Read More […]

  68. Congrats. I have embedded your Facebook page and a link on my blog..Thanks for sharing.

  69. I enjoyed reading this post… Great report.

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