Rainbow and T-Rex

By: Fragile Prints

Aug 22 2011

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Category: Montana, USA


Focal Length:6.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD790 IS



T-Rex and a Rainbow in front of “Museum of the rockies”, the museum located in Bozeman, Montana, USA houses the largest collection of dinosaur remains in the US. It also houses the largest T-Rex skull in the world. Website.


Bozeman, where the Museum is located in Gallatin valley gets a good amount of rain in late spring and it displays double rainbows at whim. The mountains, spring greenery and a hint of snow on mountain top all adding even more color to the VIBGYOR.


This post is dedicated to Barbara at Photodreamin. 😀





3 comments on “Rainbow and T-Rex”

  1. The rainbow comes and goes… But we human beings may become extinct.

  2. AWESOME! Thank you so much! Now, that is one very cool capture. I would sometimes see the double rainbows in Hawaii. That is always a treat. Only nature can make a rainbow.
    Your photo was very appreciated. Thank you again for sharing.

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