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By: Fragile Prints

Jul 17 2012

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3100


Kerala is a fancied destination not just in India, but worldwide. National Geographic Traveler citing it as one of the top 50 destinations in the world years back.


So how has Kerala fared. In terms of reducing plastic waste and handling garbage, Kerala may be below par the global standards but is far ahead and better equipped among Indian states.


The tourism and travel industry is a thriving business accounting to a good percentage of revenue for the state government. however, the enormous tourist flux has made Kerala lose some of its charm. Coming towards my point, the famed Backwaters of southern Kerala. The District of Allepey which is the heart of houseboat tourism, has as many as 1000 houseboats on its waters. The boat owners just take you around a small circuitous loop and park the boat very close to the starting point itself (Which the travelers are unaware of). The travelers staying on it for a single night will not have a clue where it started and where it is going to end. This is not a problem by itself, if the experience is enthralling. In fact the booming industry has put in so many houseboats that, you smell diesel smoke everywhere, and you are not seeing paddy fields or serene lakes and calm waters, instead you are made to see hordes of houseboat as if in a traffic jungle all over again. The houseboats are parked so close to each other at night, there is little room for privacy in the deck for couples as well as families. Sometimes the boats even honk! and you came here to escape from the urban mess?!!?


With that being the case, the famed honeymoon destination is not a wise choice for the newly wed..!


Location: Vembanad lake, Allepey, Kerala, India


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